i love writing in lowercase.

i have pink hair (well, mostly).

i am very visual.

and i love people.


in 2013, we - that is two daughters, one husband and me - said farewell to our life in germany. since then, we’ve been busy digging our roots in a city that never ceases to fascinate and inspire, a city i've come to love. l.a. is home now and it’s palm-lined streets, vast beaches and diverse neighborhoods are my office.

you never know what lies around the next corner - when we lived in germany, i was a director for television documentaries and children’s programming. having worked with people all of my life, i grew to love telling stories about them. i consider story-telling as one of my strengths, and it's how i approach photography.

moving to the u.s. allowed me to re-invent myself. people told me that they loved my pictures and encouraged me to follow that path. and that’s what i did.


diana feil photography

i am a lifestyle people photographer. with a documentary approach. i am a passionate and patient observer. my style? natural light which gives my images a candid edge. plus high contrast and deep blacks. look closer at my images, and you’ll notice that i almost always work with a small depth of field, meaning only part of the picture is in focus, emphasizing the subject while de-emphasizing the background.


and i love to play with the uber amazing californian light!

awards received:

off the clock, american photographic artists 2017

off the clock, american photographic artists 2019

voice magazine image collection 2019

off the clock, american photographic artists 2020

ai-ap american photography 36 2020

portrait of humanity, british journal of photography 2020

tel: 310.4248983
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