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March 31, 2016

i am blessed to always be experiencing different cultures and ethnicities in my work life - whether it was as a tv director or as a photographer.

enjoy the centuries-old armenian tradition agra hadig with me, which is celebrated worldwide by armenians, no matter where...

May 29, 2015

sometimes it only needs a marvelous baby, an hour, a bright nursery and two, well three :-) peeps who acted like i wasn't there at all. and for the grande finale even grandpa showed up. i ♥ what i'm doing!



July 29, 2014

when we picked her up from the airport, i took the first picture - the one with the trolley, where the girls cross the street.


i liked the picture so much, that i decided to create a series. whenever i was walking behind them, i took a picture - for over one week. noth...

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