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peter's first tooth celebration

March 31, 2016

i am blessed to always be experiencing different cultures and ethnicities in my work life - whether it was as a tv director or as a photographer.

enjoy the centuries-old armenian tradition agra hadig with me, which is celebrated worldwide by armenians, no matter where they live -- armenia, turkey, lebanon, iran, or the u.as. agra means "tooth," and hadig refers to a traditionally cooked wheat dish eaten on this occasion.

the agra hadig celebrates the appearance of the baby's first tooth. the mother props the infant up on a table or on the floor and places a few objects in front of the child. the first object the baby selects predicts his or her future occupation. before the child makes the selection, its head is covered using a veil or a scarf, onto which some hadig is sprinkled to signify a wish for fruitfulness.

if the child picks up a book or a bible, s/he will be a scholar, teacher, or clergyperson. if the child chooses money, s/he will become a banker, financier or wealthy person and so forth. although merriment prevails, underlying the gaiety is a genuine concern for the future well-being of the child, its social status and its economic prosperity.

so: peter will become a doctor!

and please have a look how happy his mommy about his pick!!!






















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