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vera fey's amazing birth story

November 3, 2017

back in august i had the extraordinary zest of documenting a baby's (home) delivery with my camera. it was one of the most amazing things i've ever witnessed in my life. although there were a lot of people and even kids involved - you'll see, hehe - the athmosphere was constantly peaceful, loving and calm and with great support and respect for the birthing mommy and baby.





 ella helping her mommy energetically at the beginning of the labor.





four generations in this picture!


 the midwife arrives - time to get the birth pool ready.































 almost there.






in case you are wondering what big sister ella is doing there - she's shooting an under water video with a go pro. of course. :-D

 vera fey is here! indescribable moment.











 i am so in love with her!

 actually - everybody!


 first time face time call with the other granny. :-D



 appreciation celebration for the plazenta.



 tree of life! <3


 now pool time for the amazing friends/doulas.




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